Monday, February 20, 2012

This blog and I have been through so much together. In recent news, I applied for a full time nanny position and did not get the job.

All that means to me is I can now post about this family's enormous fucking castle home!!!!

The two children had their own bedroom, each with a full sized bathroom attached. There was a fully furnished guest room, as well as a play room that had a 'play' bed???? Possibly for sleepovers (idgi-rich people). Obviously did not get a tour of mom and dad's room, but I am assuming it was enormous and probably had like three full-sized bathrooms attached or at least two walk-in closets. When they were showing me around the upstairs there was so many doors to rooms I didn't see and like what could they possibly have been? Maybe a 'public' upstairs bathroom and like the laundry room?

Basement was a full and also finished. Mini personal gym for dad, another playroom for the kids, and a 'party room' with slate tiled floors and a fully furnished bar, which I am pretty sure was marble and they probably had some beer on tap too. Possibly rich people do not drink beer.

Anyway, it was interesting to see all of their STUFF and it makes me chuckle to think of how tacky their lifestyle actually is because they were trying so hard to be IDEK what.

Also they had a theatre room with like 8 lazy boy chair things omg.

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